Movies from the summer 2002

Summer Girls

Pre-summer Pics
New Years
May 30th

Summer 2002

June 7th Beach Day
June 7th Beach Night
June 8th Kevin's
June14th Crisities(after)
June 16th Mitchell's
June 22nd Boat Night
June 23rd Boat Day
June 23 Fish's
June 26 Kevin's
June 27 Kevin's
June 28 Boatday

July 1st Jabes
July 2nd Boatday
July 4th Sand Dunes
July 5th Island Day

July 5th Robinhood Night
July 6th North Pond
July 9 Boat Night
July 12 Boatday
July 12 Jabes
July 15 Boatday
July 17 Boatday
July 17 Toga
July 19 Boatday
July 19 Island Night
July 23 Boat Night
July 24 Jabes
July 25 Jabes
July 27 Sand Dunes
July 29 Log Bay Day---------- Pictures from the other side of the bay
July 30 Trip Home After Log Bay Day

August 3 Ti Fish and Game
August 4 After Ti Fish and Game
August 14 Sand Dunes
August 19 Lookout
August 20 Lookout
August 21 Boatday
August 30 Boatnight

Random End of Summer


October 23 Oleary's
November 29 Kevin's Camp
November 30 Kevin's Camp